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Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Limited(ASPL), the flagship of the "Padmakar Mulay Group of Companies" made a humble beginning on May 13, 1986, by bringing into the market premium quality seeds of cotton, pearl millet wheat, and sorghum. Over the years our repertoire has grown to encompass the complete spectrum of vegetables, corn, and rice.

Cutting-edge technologies in the areas of genetics, plant breeding, biotechnology, seeds processing, and marketing help us to achieve the objectives and as a result, bumper harvests, enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, improved nutritional qualities, and resource conservation.

The focus is on the development of hybrid seeds designed to meet the current and future national and international market demands. In the scenario where global climatic changes are an acknowledged fact, the Company resolves to further strengthen in developing crops that can cope with biotic and abiotic stresses, contributing to the improvement of the farmer's life quality, and national food and fiber security... Read more

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Welcome to Ajeet Seeds
Pvt. Ltd.

Ajeet Seeds participated and shared its role by producing and supplying quality hybrid seeds to the farmers at affordable cost.

  • Ajeet seeds market premium quality seeds of Cotton, Corn, Rice, millet, Wheat, Pulses, Oilseeds, and a complete spectrum of vegetables.

  • The use of technology in breeding, biotechnology, seed processing, and marketing helps us to achieve bumper harvest, enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, improved nutritional quality, and resource conservation.

  • The program is continued and spontaneous.

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  • Our Mission

    To make available high-quality seeds of the right type of Genotypes at the right time and affordable price.

  • Our Vision

    Acquire and apply the latest technologies to enhance crop productivity.

  • Our Values

    To generate farm prosperity through excellence in Agri Biotechnology.

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Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (ASPL) is one of the growing Bio-Tech seed companies in India, focused on breeding, development, production, processing, and supply of high-quality seeds and tissue culture-raised plants. ASPL has achieved a stable and strong position in the Indian Seed Industry.